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Training and Resources

Use these trainings and other resources to learn more about how to find, analyze, and use renewable energy data.

Renewable Energy Data Explorer Introductory Webinar

Technical Potential Tutorial Series

This video series introduces the Renewable Energy (RE) Data Explorer's technical potential tool. The playlist includes three videos:

  1. What is Technical Potential?
  2. Assessing Technical Potential
  3. Using the Technical Potential Tool in the RE Data Explorer.

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE): An Overview

This short video explains levelized cost of energy, or LCOE, and why it is important for data-driven decision-making. The training explains how to use LCOE—its applications, limitations, sensitivities, and parameters. This presentation also introduces the Transparent Cost Database.

Interactive Tutorials

Learn how to use the RE Data Explorer tool through an interactive tutorial. The tutorial includes basic overviews and tool-specific tours for the following countries:

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This presentation provides a general introduction to RE Data Explorer; explains the relationship between planning, renewable energy resource data, and geospatial analysis; and details the process for using the RE Data Explorer to explore clean energy policy and planning questions. Check back for additional presentations and videos.

Fact Sheets

Data for Renewable Energy Planning, Policy, and Investment
RE Data Explorer: Informing Variable Renewable Energy Grid Integration for Low Emission Development