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Use Renewable Energy (RE) Data Explorer, the flagship geospatial tool of the RE Explorer, to inform vital renewable energy investment and deployment decisions.

Click on the map to launch the user-friendly RE Data Explorer and access country-specific resource and technology data.

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Understand how to use renewable energy data to support analysis and make smart, effective decisions.

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Highlighted Resources

Renewable Energy GIS Tool Guideā€”Informing Choice of Tools to Support Decisions
This analysis compares use and functionality of six GIS web applications from governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and universities used to support international renewable energy development.

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Exploring Renewable Energy Opportunities in Select Southeast Asian Countries: A Geospatial Analysis of the LCOE of Utility-Scale Wind and Solar PV

Read this report to learn how there is an abundant potential for utility-scale, land-based wind and solar PV development across Southeast Asia.

Technical Potential of Solar in Peru using the Renewable Energy Data Explorer
This fact sheet details the methods and results of using the Peru Renewable Energy Data Explorer to calculate technical potential for photovoltaic and concentrating solar power in Peru. The Technical Potential tool allows users to determine the available land area that meets user-defined resource and technical criteria.

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