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Launch the RE Data Explorer

Use the RE Data Explorer to analyze and visualize renewable energy potential under scenarios that you define. The application can inform prospecting, integrated planning, and policymaking to accelerate renewable energy deployment.

Also see our data catalog to identify and contribute data resources to inform renewable energy decision making.

Integrated Tools

The RE Data Explorer platform features the following tools:

Select a country or region of interest from the list below to launch the RE Data Explorer.

Includes Brunei Darussalam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

RE Data Explorer: Technologies and Analysis Features by Country/Region


Afghanistancheckmarkcheckmark checkmark checkmark
Bangladesh   checkmark checkmark
Central Asia   checkmark checkmark
Colombia   checkmark checkmark
Ghana   checkmark checkmark
Haiti   checkmark checkmark
India   checkmark checkmark
Kenyacheckmarkcheckmark checkmark checkmark
Morocco   checkmark checkmark
Nepal   checkmark checkmark
Pakistan checkmark checkmark checkmark
Peru   checkmark checkmark
Southeast Asia*checkmark  checkmark checkmark

*Biomass resource data are only available for the Philippines and Vietnam. Wind time series is only available for the Philippines.

Analysis and Downloads

 Technical PotentialCost of EnergySite SelectionSolar Time SeriesWind Time Series
Afghanistancheckmark  checkmark 
Bangladeshcheckmark  checkmark 
Central Asiacheckmark   checkmark
Indiacheckmark checkmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Mexicocheckmark  checkmark 
Nepalcheckmark  checkmark 
Perucheckmark  checkmark 
Southeast Asia*checkmarkcheckmark  checkmark

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